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Dear I inform you of a new way of marketing wine by acquiring a container of wine with 1200 boxes with 6 bottles, the wines are from Viña Galán in an alliance and from markets that is why we present Expresswine21 and the best wines have a minimum acidity and the our other wines are liquid delicacies, this alliance is for you to acquire Greetings Pablo Carrasco




Auristela Reserve Cabernet souvignon 2019

Auristela Souvignon blanc 2020


Private Chardonay 2020

Private Malbec 2017

Private Carmenere 2015


Reserve Blend 1492

Reserve Carignan

Reserve Carvernet souvi 2019

Reserve Molina Cavernet Souvignon 2019

Reserve Pinot Noir 2017

Reserve Syrah 2017


Varietal Cavernet so blanc 2020

Varietal Cavernet souvigno 2019

Varietal Chardonany 2020

Varietal Merlot 2017



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